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Our Learning Brain

   (Suitable for Grade 5 - 10 Students)

Once kids start playing -- they can't get enough!


©Scientifica Cards are similar to a traditional playing deck of cards, with 4 suits of 13 cards, all with different facts about each category of the Human Brain; and 4 card games.  This ©Scientifica Deck is designed to achieve Learning Standard Requirements for Grade Levels 5-10 Mathematics, Communication and Science.

Our Learning Brain includes these 4 games:

  1. Brain Buster Rummy!; Grades 5-10
  2. Crazy Connectors! (like Crazy 8’s); Grades 5-10
  3. Contemplation! (like Solitaire and Patience); Grades 5-10
  4. Hypothesy! (old-fashioned question and answer game); Grades 5-10

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Brain Developing:

  • Spacial Functioning
  • Memory           
  • Cognition
  • Coordination
  • Brain Anatomy Identification
  • Learning Skills for a Genius Brain
  • Healthy Brain Foods
  • Healthy Brain Activities

To Think; Famous Genius Hypathia of Alexandria (350/370-415 A.D.) was noted for saying, “Reserve your Right to Think, for to think wrongly is far better than to not think at all”.

To Hypothesize; to speculate; to believe especially on uncertain or tentative grounds; the first step in the scientific process of providing proof of invented theory.

Learning Objectives:
Levels 5-10 Mathematics, Communication, Science and Systems Anatomy


  • Adding, Reasoning, memory problem solving, and communication


  • Listening and observation skills and strategies to gain understanding
  • Listening and observation skills and strategies to focus attention and interpret information
  • Understanding, analyzing, synthesizing, or evaluating information
  • Communication skills and strategies to interact/work effectively with others 
  • Working collaboratively, solve problems, and perform tasks.   

Science and Systems

  • Understanding physical properties, structures and changes of Living Organisms
  • Identifying categories and functions of the Learning Human Brain
  • Understanding how components, structures, organizations, and interconnections describe systems


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  • Involves and engages students in the content
  • Promotes a relaxed and fun learning environment

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