The Story: Peter, Mia and Emily are off to visit their Aunt and Uncle on Weather Island. After their parents drop them off at the lighthouse, they must cross the strait by boat. The weather doesn't look good and they can't get across. The spend the night in the lighthouse and in the morning they make a weather station to predict the weather! Join the teens as they learn to predict the weather.

After 3 days, the weather clears up, and they can cross to Weather Island. Below are exercises and information that will allow students to continue the story. Students decide what kind of clouds, barometer readings, wind direction and other simple observations to decide if the teens can cross.

Weather Island Activities

  • Weather Island Alternative Ending Exercise
  • Weather Island Alternative Ending Exercise (Teacher Instructions)
  • Build a Weather Station
Forecasting the Weather Information and Resources

  • History of weather forecasting
  • Modern day weather forecasting
  • Numerical weather prediction (NWP)
  • Presentation of weather forecasts
  • Ensemble forecasting & Nowcasting

Forecasting the Weather Activity
  • Clouds and predicting the Weather Information Sheet
Weather Folklore

  • List of Weather Folklore (from Weather Island)
  • Article on Weather Folklore
  • Weather Folklore Classroom Activity.

Internet Resources

  • Internet Links to: meteorological agencies, commercial organizations providing weather information and other external links.
  • Current weather web sites
  • Weather images to practice making forecasts
  • Weather warning and advisory sites
  • Weather web cams.

Activity: The Best Weather

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