The Importance of Science Learning for Today’s Children

Today’s children have the opportunity to learn about science in a different way than generations before them as the world is undergoing dramatic changes that affects how they will live and survive in the future. This applies to our environment, to our weather, to our bodies and to animals.

We have learned the evolution of dinosaurs and other animals that came before in prehistoric times, but there are animals today that are endangered because of overfishing, overhunting or of climate changes that have affected their habitats. This means that more animals will disappear and their purpose in life’s cycle will have to be taken up by another animal or other changes will occur.Every change impacts our environment, our plants, our oceans, our weather, and how we live.

It is therefore extremely important that today’s children learn the importance of what is happening to our planet and helps to take steps to alter the needless damage that is being done to it by humans – and the way that humans are suffering because of the climate changes. It is an endless cycle that we must become more and more aware of so that we protect the people and we protect our planet.

The technological advances that have been made have in many ways made our lives easier but some of them have taken a terrible toll by polluting our cities, our waters, the air that we breathe and the food that we grow. Making our children more responsible will make the environment more habitable and will lessen the rapid decline and turn it around so that we change the impetus to own of preserving rather than destroying. The answer to our future is in the hands of our children, so learning science is one of the most important things that we can do.

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    1. Thank you Chocks. We whole-heartedly agree. Writing with Meaning has a deeper effect on one’s learning in the long term.

    1. Thank you Xuejing. That pic would be one of our wonderful writers and her grandfather. 🙂 She’ll be happy to hear that.

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