The Power of Weather

Learning about weather can be exciting and it can also be daunting when you realize how powerful weather can be and the amount of devastation that it can leave in its path. Many people are never affected by weather because the worst things that have occurred where they live is a thunder and lightning storm or a record snowfall, but some types of weather can not only be destructive to property but can take human and animal lives as well.

Unfortunately, this can happen to anyone anywhere in the world although some regions are more prone to particular types of weather conditions such as hurricanes than are others. Winter brings snow to many areas of the country and rain to others and either of these can cause problems for residents. Big snow storms can result in downed power lines resulting in electrical outages or icy conditions making driving difficult and accidents more frequent. Record rain falls can result in flooding in lower elevations or levees being breached causing destruction to homes or mud slides in other areas.

Lightning from a severe thunderstorm can start fires and hurricanes or tornados can destroy buildings and wipe out an entire town in the blink of an eye. High winds can knock down trees while heavy snowfalls in mountain areas can cause avalanches. Any of these conditions can result in injury or loss of life to animals or people who happen to be caught in the path of any weather condition.

Some storms can be predicted and their paths scientifically calculated so that today weathermen can provide pretty accurate advance notice allowing people to evacuate areas that might be subject to a severe storm or flooding or other weather condition – but many times, weather can be erratic and take a last minute turn that leaves destruction in a place that was unprepared with the severity of Mother Nature and her weather.

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