What is Science All About?

Science encompasses a variety of topics that cover a wide range of material so that when you talk about science you could be speaking about the weather, animal or plant life, the environment, the human body, outer space or the moon and stars or energy from solar to volcanic activity. Being an expert on all of these topics is not necessary, but learning at least a little bit about each will give you a better understanding of what life is all about.

You will learn about dinosaurs and about animals and their habitats and characteristics of each. You will learn which animals make good pets and which ones to avoid. Insects and other bugs that are helpful to the environment and those that are considered pests will be discussed. You will become aware of the environment and how to protect it and the animals, plants and oceans that make up our Earth. You will be in awe of how the earth was formed and how weather affects wildlife and humans and how global warming is endangering all living things.

Learning about the stars and other planets will give you knowledge of how vast outer space really is and how we have advanced our knowledge by studying the cycles of each increasing our understanding of how living things – such as plants and ecosystems – affect our lives and how climate changes and severe weather can destroy and disrupt areas in an instant.

You will be informed about electricity and our energy resources such as solar will influence changes that are happening every day as we search for improvements and ways to protect our environment and keep our planet from deteriorating further than it already has. Science is a wonderful field that gives you answers to all the questions a small child asks such as: Why is the sky blue? Is there really a man in the moon? Is there life on other planets? And oh so many more questions – with answers that we are still searching for.

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