What is Weather all about?

With technological advances making weather prediction more precise and with visuals on your local news network a great place to see every type of weather condition, teaching about weather has gotten easier. Years ago when your science teacher told you about a hurricane or a tornado, chances were that you would never see one in action in your lifetime – but today that is all different as all you have to do is turn to the Weather Channel and you can see just about anything you want happening somewhere in the world.

Teaching about weather and breaking it down so that children understand it is much easier when you have a graphic illustration that demonstrates exactly what is happening. You can talk all you want about temperatures increasing or decreasing and causing a frontal system that has a high density or a low pressure system moving in – and everyone will look at you and say “What in the world are you talking about?”

But when you can visually demonstrate whatever weather phenomenon you are discussing it makes it so much easier. The weathermen of today use visuals all the time to tell you why you are about to get two inches of snow or a thunderstorm and it makes it so simple to grasp when you can look at a picture and see it visually.

Schools that can go online and see this for themselves are lucky but your students can go home and ask their parents to turn to the local news or the weather channel and get forecasts across the country with a variety of weather forecasts depending on where you live or what you want to see. Using pictures of weather events is a great illustration as well that demonstrates the power of a tornado or hurricane and the destruction that it can leave in its wake.

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