Exploring Science Adventures

Students learn more and retain what they have learned when they are actively involved and engaged in the subject matter.

Our Exploring Science Adventures provide a short story where the characters must solve a problem or a mystery using different parts of the Elementary Science Curriculum.

This gives students a starting point and a focus of interest to learn about the curriculum, with activities, guided discussions with complete instructions for the Teacher.

Weather Island

The Story: Peter, Mia and Emily are off to visit their Aunt and Uncle on Weather Island. After their parents drop them off at the lighthouse, they must cross the strait by boat. The weather doesn't look good and they can't get across. The spend the night in the lighthouse and in the morning they make a weather station to predict the weather! Join the teens as they learn to predict the weather.

Loaded with Activities and information -- hours of classroom time. Learn more >>>

Solar System Safari

The Story: Peter, Mia and Emily took their father's space ship out for a spin when nobody was looking. What they didn't know was the wormhole navigation system was broken! Join them on a Solar System Safari as they jump from planet to planet and try to figure out where they are!

Activities and information - hours of classroom time.   Learn More >>>

lightning strikes

Lightning Strikes!

The Story: Peter Mia and Emily are caught in a lightening storm! Complete lesson plan includes short story, Lightering myth buster activity, lightening in popular culture, lightening mythology and more!

Hours of classroom activities and packed with information about lightening. Learn more >>>