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Exploring Science Adventures

Weather Island

Peter, Mia and Emily are stranded after their parents drop them off! The learn to make a weather station and predict the weather!

This learning adventure story comes with classroom activities with complete directions, loads of info about the weather. Learn more >>>

Solar System Safari

The Story: Peter, Mia and Emily took their father's space ship out for a spin when nobody was looking.

What they didn't know was the wormhole navigation system was broken!  Join them on a Solar System Safari as they jump from planet to planet and try to figure out where they are!

Learn More >>>

NEW! Weather Bingo (Grades 4 -5 )

Tired of chalk and talk? Try our newest games and get students involved!

Weather Bingo
Planets Bingo

lightening lesson
Lightening Lesson Plan
Complete lighting lesson plan including short story, Lightening Myth Buster, classroom activities and exercises and more
Learn more >>>

Scientifia Cards

Complete deck fo 52 cards for Birds, Mammals and Ocean Creatures with complete instructions for 4 educational card games!

Mammals Cards - 4 Games
Bird Cards - 4 Games
Ocean Creatures - 4 Games
The Learning Brain

Elementary Science Articles from our Blog!

Science Fair Projects!

Articles, information and quick easy project ideas. Read more >>>


Weather Island
arrowSolar System Safari


Weather (Grade 3-4)
Weather (Grade 7-8)
arrowWeather Bingo (Grades 4 -5)
Space (Grade 7 - 8)
arrowPlanets Bingo

Weather Worksheets Clouds and Predicting the weather
The Best Weather Activity
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