Solar System Pop Quiz

Sometimes Pop Quiz is fun in Science Class.  Surprise them with this one and see how present the class is with their current knowledge of solar system and space facts!

1. Which Galaxy do we live in on Earth?

Milky Way Galaxy

2. Is our Sun considered to be a Star or a Planet?

A Star

3. When did a human being first set foot on the Moon?


4. What planet is known for being Red even though its faux tv fiction inhabitants are considered to be Green?


5. What planet has the hottest temperatures of 500 degrees Celsius?  Is it red Mars?


6. What is the name of Nasa’s most popular telescope?

The Hubble

7. How old is our Solar System?

4.6 billion years old

8. How long does it take for Light from the Sun to reach our Earth?

8 minutes

9. A Solar Eclipse occurs when the “what” is between the Sun and the Earth?

The Moon

10. Comets are made of dust particles, rock particles and what?


11. The hazey glow and tail around Haley’s Comet are known as a what?

A Coma

12. The surface of Venus rages with active what?


13. Scientists estimate that the extinction of dinosaurs on planet Earth was caused by what?

An Asteroid

14. How many planets does our Solar System have?


15. What in our Solar System used to be, but is no longer, considered to be a planet by Nasa?


16. Who was the first human being first set foot on the Moon?

Neil Armstrong

17.  The Earth’s ocean tides are caused largely by the Moon’s pull of what?


18. What races around Saturn at a rate of 800 km per hour?

Wind; Storm Wind

19. If you were on Jupiter, you would weight 2 and half times the weight than when you are on Earth because of the what?

Magnetic Field

20. What planet has the worst stormy weather of all the planets?


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